Looking for an Off Base Shipping Address?

Kinek has a network of trusted locations called KinekPoints that enable military personnel to easily pick up their online purchases or care packages close to their base.

We have locations across the United States serving over 20 Military bases including Fort Carson U.S. Army base in Colorado Springs, NAS Base in Fort Worth, the U.S. Army Reserve Training center in Jacksonville, the Eglin Air Force Base in Eglin Florida, amongst many others. We will be adding more locations near military bases upon request. Military personnel have been long awaiting a solution to receive their packages close to their base and Kinek provides them with just that.

Base personnel can order from any online retailer and have it shipped to their KinekPoint, which are trusted businesses that are partnered with Kinek to be included in the vast network of over 800 locations. Loved ones can now ship items to their husbands and wives off base KinekPoint. They will receive instant email and optional text message notifications when the package arrives. Most KinekPoints charge between $2-4 per package and will hold them for up to 30 days.

How to get started:

  1. Sign up at www.kinek.com
  2. Fill out your profile information
  3. Search for a KinekPoint in your area and save it as your KinekPoint
  4. Go shopping and use your new KinekPoint Address as the shipping address

If you have any questions about the service please contact us. You can use the chat client or send us an email to kineksupport@kinek.com.